Larson Creek Development 

Larson Creek is an eastside Bear Creek tributary that flows largely through residential areas in the City of Medford.  This is a cooperative project with a local developer to improve fish habitat in a stream that will become mostly urbanized.

Limiting Factors Impacted:

  • Water Quantity
  • Water Quality
  • Water Temperature
  • Riparian Habitat
  • Aquatic Habitat
  • Fish Barriers

Project Objectives:

  • Remove two barriers to anadromous fish
  • Open 2.5 miles of habitat in a developing residential area
  • Restore stream flow in the natural channel
  • Create a wetland, and monitor water quality and habitat pre- and post- project
  • Educate local citizens about urban watershed health

Key Stakeholders:

  • City of Medford
  • Local developer, Mahar Brothers Construction Co.
  • Two irrigation districts - Medford Irrigation District, Talent Irrigation District
  • Bear Creek Watershed Council
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Rogue Flyfishers

Funding:  $154,480 from Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB)

     (Note:  Complementary projects Funded by developer and Bureau of Reclamation)
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