Jackson Creek Restoration at Grant Road 

Over the years, Jackson Creek downcut agricultural lands between two splashboard dams and undercut the shoulder of Grant Road.  The County and the developer recognized this erosion threat and relocated the stream channel, removed two dams, and created a natural appearing meander around a new city park for the City of Central Point.  Students from nearby schools planted a large wetland using aquatic plants grown in a US Forest Service nursery; the uplands were planted by Jackson County contractors.  Experience, equipment and advice from the whole community contributed to this successful project.

See "Organizing Youth Planting Projects" for more information about working with volunteers
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Limiting Factors Impacted:

  • Water Quality
  • Sedimentation
  • Riparian Habitat
  • Aquatic Habitat
  • Fish Barriers

Project Objectives:

  • Stabilize county road undercut by Jackson Creek erosion
  • Remove one bridge; improve another bridge crossing the creek
  • Develop stable channel relocated to provide meanders
  • Improve water quality by decreasing sedimentation
  • Remove two barriers to anadromous fish
  • Improve wetland, riparian, and aquatic habitat

Key Stakeholders and Volunteers:

  • Jackson County Roads Department
  • W.L. Moore Construction Co.
  • City of Central Point
  • EZ's Landscaping
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Bear Creek Watershed Council
  • Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners
  • Rogue Valley Council of Government
  • US Forest Service, J. Herbert Stone Nursery
  • Oregon State University Natural Resource Extension
  • South Medford High School; Eagle Point Junior High
  • Crater Connections


  • Jackson County Roads Department
  • W.L. Moore Construction Co.
  • Bear Creek Watershed Council
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